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Free Payroll Software for Small Business.

Updated: Jun 11

FREEPAY provide free payroll software for small business.

e-PayDay has offered free payroll software for small business since our first product release in 1987. While we have paid plans for Businesses with three or more employees, we also provide completely free cloud payroll software for those with one or two employees.

We do not engage in marketing gimmicks such as offering "free" payroll that is only temporary. Instead, we genuinely provide our perpetual FREEPAY plan with no strings attached. With our wealth of experience, we understand Businesses grow, and transitioning to our paid plans is seamless when you hire more employees.

Rest assured, if you have one or two employees for the long term, we've got you covered – we'll continue to support you regardless of your business size.

The free payroll software includes the same functionality that our paid plan covers.

From the onboarding of your employees,

We will handle the rest when you enter the employees' TFN declaration details. We figure out what that means for STP2; there is no need for you to do that. We also use the ATO Super Fund Lookup service, which provides all the current, valid Superannuation Fund details, reducing your reliance solely on what your employees tell you. The right fund is only a prefilled list away.

To selecting the Modern Award,

Our employee setup includes specifying which award covers the employee. We access the Fair Work Commission's Modern Award Pay Database, which provides the Award rates, updated in real-time, directly from the source. Reduce your risk of unintentionally underpaying your employees. Even if you pay above-Award rates, you can automatically increase your rate in line with the Government's National Minimum Wage increases or absorb the change into your above-award rate.

Over 160 Pay Types, including All-purpose Allowances, are provided.

We include over 160 template pay types based on the Modern Award requirements to assist you in paying correctly from the beginning.

We comply with Fair Work by separating pay components and ensuring accurate payslips. We also include all-purpose allowances in loadings, penalties, and overtime payment calculations. We manage this requirement automatically, so there's no need for manual oversight on your part. We've got it covered.

We also include most of the common Allowance types, also Child Support and Salary Sacrifice Deductions are ready to use. Deduction banking is also provided.

Single Touch Payroll reporting is included.

We have worked closely with the ATO for many years to co-design both phases of Single Touch Payroll, so we know the requirements inside out – we even had a hand in creating them! In fact, we sent the very first STP pay event with live data to the ATO back in 2017. We transform your data into the required format and seamlessly send the pay event when you pay your employees. Additionally, we make it easy for you to finalise, amend, or update your data with the ATO.

Pay your Superannuation obligations using Superstream.

You have the flexibility of choosing when to make your Superannuation Guarantee contributions using SuperStream processing, ensuring seamless and hassle-free payments. This includes easy management of Salary Sacrifice arrangements.

Telephone Support is included.

Our paid plans offer support. Simply request support within e-PayDay, and one of our knowledgeable Australian-based team members will call you. Remote support is also provided, nearly the same as sitting beside you and assisting you with your queries in person.

Confidence in Security

We’re not going to make absurd claims of ATO or Fair Work “approved,” “compliant,” “endorsed,” or “authorised,” as those are just marketing gimmicks. The government doesn’t endorse employment technology; they make everyone perform their tests, and if you pass, they whitelist (allowlist) products for commercial availability.

Our cloud-based payroll software is whitelisted for Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 reporting without any exaggerated marketing claims.

We also take security and privacy seriously, meeting the standards set by the Australian Signals Directorate and enforced by the ATO. We are ISO 27001 certified, independently audited, and hold a Certificate of Registration.

Why choose us as your small business free payroll software provider?

We live for payroll! We wouldn’t still do this decades later if we didn’t love it. Sure, there are a lot of legal obligations to marry up and a lot of complexity, but that’s for us to worry about. We spend time with Australia’s regulators to ensure we get it right. We design Australian-made payroll software that makes it easy for you to get it right. 

Our pricing plans accommodate the budgets of most businesses, and we offer additional functionality that can be purchased separately for those who need more from their payroll software.

There's so much more to discover about the incredible capabilities of our payroll software that this post barely covers. We encourage you to explore further what we offer! Plus, it's completely free to use for businesses with fewer than three employees or to try if you have more.

Austrlian Made free payroll software for small business.

Brett Reed

e-PayDay Pty Ltd Founder

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