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Free Payroll Software for Small Business.

Updated: Feb 14

FREEPAY provide free payroll software for small business.

e-PayDay Go is a cloud-based payroll built to Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 exacting requirements providing free payroll software for small business. We assure you that we're always working hard to improve e-PayDay Go. Our team constantly updates the features and functionality while ensuring any pesky bugs are quickly addressed.

It's been an exciting journey since our beta release in December 2022 and commercial launch in June 2023. We're proud to say that our project has come a long way since it was first initiated in 2018. We have consistently engaged with the Australia Taxation Office since the late 1980s. In 2015, we were invited to be part of the Single Touch Payroll journey and sent the first STP file to be successfully submitted and processed by the ATO on July 6, 2017.

We have focused on meeting the demands of the two primary Regulators of payroll in Australia, The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Fair Work Ombudsman.

We have taken a "real world" approach with the design of e-PayDay Go whilst also offering free payroll software for small business.

Employees complete the necessary Australian Taxation Office (ATO) forms and easily set up in e-PayDay Go based on their answers. There is no expectation for employers to understand what happens "under the hood", and where possible, we endeavour to mask the complexity of payroll, allowing employers to concentrate on effectively paying their employees.


Our primary objective is to provide a powerful "payroll engine" that assists employers in meeting their mandatory legislative compliance obligations.

You are not playing with a "toy" wherein once you start, you quickly find the payroll solution you are using does not meet basic payroll requirements. Our passion is payroll; since 1987, we have taken this job seriously.


Fair Work and our Modern Award-centric payroll solution.

To ensure compliance with Fair Work and the Modern Awards, we have delivered access to every published Award using the MAPD API. This API was launched in 2023 by the Fair Work Commission and enables real-time access to the Modern Awards.

The benefits of this service are gained in providing an Award-centric payroll solution assisting employers effortlessly embrace Fair Work compliance.


We will continue providing additional functionality within e-PayDay Go, utilising the MAPD API, which will deliver significant benefits and assist in streamlining arduous payroll tasks.

I hope you enjoy using e-PayDay Go as much as we do developing payroll solutions.

The challenge for us is in masking the complexity of payroll requirements from you while at the same time providing the functionality required to meet the obligations of the ATO and Fair Work Ombudsmen. Designing payroll is not easy, but luckily, we have been developing payroll systems since 1986 and have over 37+ years of experience under our belts. We provide a powerful core payroll solution that produces the expected outcomes when correctly configured! Additional functionality will be made available by using our API.

I appreciate your patience as we continue to build a powerful payroll and comprehensive solution.

Brett Reed, Founder of e-PayDay Pty Ltd

Brett Reed

e-PayDay Founder

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