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Free Single Touch Payroll, Cloud Payroll for almost any sized Business.

From micro to BIG and everything in-between, we've got your Single Touch Payroll
needs covered.

e-PayDay offers powerful features and functionality to help you manage employee payroll. Our intuitive platform lets you easily track employee accruals and entitlements, process payroll, and access detailed reporting.

With e-PayDay, you can also quickly and accurately generate and email payslips plus easily manage Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 reporting.

Our secure cloud-based system ensures your payroll information is always safe, up to date and compliant with Fair Work and Australian Taxation Office requirements.

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100% free for the first two employees.

e-PayDay FREEPAY® Cloud Payroll with no hidden fees guarantee.

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STP Income Types and Tax Treatments 

Income Types and Country Codes serve not just one but three crucial purposes! Firstly, they help the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to identify the specific tax implications and map to a specific section of the Individual Income Tax Return (IITR). Secondly, they help to identify whether a payer can claim an STP reporting concession, which can help avoid unnecessary contact by the ATO with the payer. For example, claiming a reporting concession for Closely Held Payees. Lastly, they clarify the reporting obligations of the payer regarding the Income Type and Country Code. For instance, if there is a tax treaty in place with the foreign country.

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