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Cloud Payroll Plans and Pricing 

Grow your micro or small Business without breaking the Bank with the cost of payroll.

We believe every employer should have access to comprehensive cloud payroll software without breaking the Bank, so we made it free for the first two employees - free payroll software designed for small business. We help you grow your business, which helps us grow ours!

We make it easy for businesses of all sizes to manage their payroll securely and cost-effectively. With a range of flexible tiered fixed pricing plans, you can select the one that best suits your business needs and change as needed. There are no surprises or hidden costs to give you a monthly bill shock.

We are committed to providing comprehensive customer service and support. Our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Online access makes payroll management simple and easy for employers and employees alike. Sign up today, start free and experience the ease of e-PayDay.


Easy Plan Selection

Number of employees


100% free for the first two employees.

Micro and Small Business Cloud Payroll Solutions

Medium to Mega Cloud Payroll Solutions

Easily meet your Fair Work obligations with an Archive plan.


Employers have to keep time and wage records for 7 years.

Time and wage records have to be:

  • Readily accessible to a Fair Work Inspector (FWI),

  • legible,

  • and in English.

Time and wages records can’t be:

  • changed unless the change is to correct an error,

  • or false or misleading.

Can’t decide which plan is right for you?

See our complete cloud payroll features comparison.

e-PayDay FREEPAY® Cloud Payroll with no hidden fees guarantee.
  • How many employees can I process without paying for a plan?
    The first two employees won't cost you anything, 100% free, including Single Touch Payroll (Phase 2) reporting! When you want to add more employees, it's as simple as choosing the plan that best suits your needs. We have always provided tiered plans allowing you to easily stay in total control of your payroll costs, making management an easy task. We are aware of a few payroll products that offer the ability to add an unlimited number of employees free. Providing a comprehensive payroll offering costs an substantial amount of money to develop and maintain. We have asked our team to work for free, but selfishly, they expect payment for the outstanding efforts they perform. Since 1987 we have continued to build comprehensive payroll solutions and do not want to provide you with a product that offers minimal features and functionality. After all, there is a standard required to meet Fair Work and Australian Taxation Office compliance requirements. If specific functionality is missing, you have to continually request features because you cannot meet your legal obligations.
  • What's the catch, why is e-PayDay Go® free for two employees?
    There isn't one! The first two (2) employees are always 100% free. You can use e-PayDay Go® and pay nothing, zero, zilch, nada, nix, naught. We believe every employer should have access to comprehensive cloud Single Touch Payroll software, that's why we made it free to pay your first two employees. Customers who have chosen a paid Subscription Plan are unable to downgrade FREEPAY Plan. e-PayDay Go® FREEPAY allows up to four employee terminations. When using a paid plan, there is no limit to the number of terminated employees. We have been supporting Australian Small Business by providing Australia's free payroll software since 1987; it's in our DNA. Helping you grow your Business helps us grow ours!
  • What happens after the first 12 months of using e-PayDay Go FREEPAY®?
    e-PayDay Go FREEPAY® is always free.
  • Is e-PayDay Go FREEPAY® fully functional?
    Yes, e-PayDay Go FREEPAY® is only limited by the number of employees you can enter (or terminate) before having to move to a paid plan.
  • Do I have to pay for terminated employees?
    No, terminated employees are not included when calculating the cost of your subscription plan. Terminated employees are included free for all paid plans. FREEPAY allows up to four employee terminations.
  • What does it cost to email Pay Slips?
    Emailing Pay Slips is provided at no additional cost.
  • How much do I have to pay for Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 reporting?
    Single Touch Payroll reporting to the Australian Taxation Office is included in your subscription.
  • Is it possible to change my plan when the number of my employees varies?
    You have the flexibility to adjust your plans whenever your employee needs change. All you need to do is choose the plan you want to switch to and select Change. It's a simple process that can be done at any time.
  • If I have multiple companies, will I need to purchase a separate plan for each one?
    To access multiple ABN/Branches, you need a separate plan for each one. However, you can use the same email address for all of them and we offer a discount for additional subscriptions.
  • Can I use e-PayDay Go® on any of my devices including Apple Mac and iPad?
    e-PayDay Go® is compatible with any device that has an internet browser, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Can I pay my subscription yearly?
    We only offer yearly subscriptions in limited situations, which require payment by Invoice. If you decide to cancel, you will not receive a refund for the unused portion. Opting to pay monthly allows you to switch between plans at any time during your subscription period. To discuss a yearly subscription, please contact our Sales and Administration team.
  • Can I pause my subscription?
    You can select an Archive plan for a nominal monthly cost. You have full access to your data, with the only restriction being the ability to process pay runs. An Archive plan also allows you to comply with the Fair Work Act 2009 record-keeping obligations when you're not using your regular plan.
  • Is support provided?
    Yes! Support is included in all of our plans for no extra cost. You can even talk to a real person on the phone (depending on the plan you have chosen). Payroll Support Personnel are not registered Taxation or BAS agents and therefore are unable to provide payroll advice. They will assist you in the use of the software in obtaining your desired outcome based on the guidance provided to you by the appropriate advisor.
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